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November 10, 2010 / mommylok

Crazy moms…like me?

When I used to work at the NFL (and dealt with parents, coaches, etc.), I told myself “When I become a mom, I will never act like that.”  Acting “like that” meaning…crazy (trust me, I came across many, many crazy parents in my event days; I’ve also been called many different names!)  I promised myself that.   So much for that working out.

I find it fascinating to see so many moms out there (not so much dads) who go nuts over things relating to their kids.  I’m referring to many things here, but for purposes of this post, mainly contests.  Why is it so necessary to gain recognition and be competitive for your kids – is it that important to you?  Are you really doing it for the prizes or solely for the recognition?  Does it really matter to your child?  Probably not.  Why do moms make an issue of it when it’s not an issue for your kid?  I’m talking constant entries to photo and talent contests, running up votes (and making it obvious!) and sending out constant “there is a contest happening and OH, by the way, my child is in it” reminders!  I’m not criticizing here, really I’m not.  I am just really fascinated by this (because I for one am known to be a little nutsy at times!) and would like to know why us moms do it.  Not every mom, but a good amount of us!  Please share your thoughts and what you’re guilty of! 

Oh and btw, here is a CUTE photo of my kid…that’s been entered into a “Cute Kid” contest!   🙂



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  1. Nikki / Nov 25 2010 10:19 AM

    Awe that is a cute photo 🙂

  2. KC / Dec 16 2010 12:53 PM

    As for photo contests, it might be kinda cool to see ur kid’s picture on a national magazine. Sometimes there are prizes, whether it be products or money.

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