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January 4, 2011 / mommylok

Mom-Daughter Bonding Trips

Ever since my daughter was born, I’ve been looking forward to doing so many fun mom-daughter activities with her (minus shopping – I really dislike shopping.  Besides, it would not be fun 🙂  But I’ll happily send her off with her aunts to shop!)  I missed out on a lot that growing up and I don’t want my daughter to lack that from her life. 

She recently turned 6, which I think is a great age for us to start traveling together.   This is one of the biggest things that I wanted to make a priority for us.  I have high hopes that in the next so many years, we’ll be able to take long weekend trips to FL or some other far away destination.  But for now, I’m thinking just weekend and somewhere local.  And I’m teaming up with some other moms to bring their daughters so we can all bond together. 

I’m hoping that some of you moms out there have already done this and can suggest some meaningful activities or locations?  Initial thoughts for this trip are a local resort near a beach for summer travel but I’d love to hear some different ideas that we can consider!  (BTW, local would be the NY tri-state area!)


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  1. KC / Jan 6 2011 8:47 AM

    This isn’t within the NY tri-state area, but it is close enough….Philly. You have the Franklin Institute, the Adventure Aquarium and Coco Key Water Resort. Not to mention other historic Philly sights and the Philadelphia Duck Tours.

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