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February 7, 2011 / mommylok


Do you ever have nightmares where you wake up in the middle of the night sweating?  And then you look all around just to make sure you’re still safe at home, in your own bed?  I’ve always been a pretty vivid dreamer and have had a good handful of recurring nightmares (there’s one particular nightmare I still remember; I dreamt it several times as a young child and have had the same dream as an adult; I’d LOVE to hear how a therapist would interpret that dream!) 

Last night, I happened to have a natural disaster nightmare (it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of these types of movies so I’m not sure where this came from).  Friends and family were all gathered on a beach, having a great time.  After looking out to the ocean, we saw that huge tidal waves (I mean, really huge) were forming and within minutes, we knew we’d be swept away if we didn’t head out fast.  Crowds of complete strangers started piling into any available car and were trying to drive out to get off the island.  While driving, meteor-like  objects started dropping from the sky and random cars would blow up.  Yes, this is quite strange because even though water surrounded everything, fires and explosions were still happening.  I was driving a van full of family and strangers and we got hit – we flew up into the air and miraculously landed without any injury.   I don’t remember what happened after that, but I must have woke up and fell back asleep because I went on with a few other nightmares, all with different themes.   Around 4am, I must have been startled again by something (it’s all becoming a slow blur as the morning hours are slowly passing) because I shot up and looked around.  My husband was passed out; he didn’t even notice me stirring.  I looked to him for comfort but realized unless I punched him, he wasn’t going to wake up.  He smugly reminded me in the morning when I told him I was upset with him that he doesn’t read minds in his sleep.  I’ll make that a mental note for next time…thanks, dear husband.  (Wait, does that mean that I have the right to punch him next time?)

Still irritated with all the commotion in my dreams, I quietly crept into my kids’ room and crawled into bed with my daughter.  I kissed her good night and whispered, I love you very much.   She woke up, and with one eye open, said “I love you, too, mommy” and then rolled back over to sleep.  And with that, I was able to peacefully go back to sleep. 

So let’s hear it…what kind of strange nightmares do you get?  Are you a dreamer?  Do you have nightmares that really affect your mood the next day?  What about ones where you actually wake up crying?  Please share!


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