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March 4, 2011 / mommylok

Horrible Harry and the Dead Letters (A 1st Grader’s Book Review)

Title:  Horrible Harry and the Dead Letters

Author:  Suzy Kline

The main idea is that the custodian brought in a mailbox for the kids.  Then Miss Mackle gave the students their very own job to help be in a pretend post office at school.   The students lost their bookmarks and Harry found them in the mailbox.   There were bookmarks because it was Wear Your Favorite Color Day and the bookmarks had a rainbow on the front and list of all the colors on the back.   

My favorite character is Mary because she wore the color pink on her shirt.  My favorite part of the story is that they lost their bookmarks because I want to know who was the thief.  The thief was Mary.  Mary stole the bookmarks but gave it back because she didn’t want to get in trouble.  It was sad.  The setting took place in school.  I think it took place in school because he was a student. 

I didn’t like when Mary stole the bookmarks.  I wish she wouldn’t steal them.  It was sad.

I wouldn’t tell my friends to read the book because Mary stole the bookmarks and it was sad.  The lesson is that she did not steal again.

The author wrote the story because it taught a lesson to not steal things.  I think it was called Horrible Harry and the Dead Letters because there was a box called Dead Letters, if the mail did not have a name or address, the letters had to go in the dead letter box.

NOTE:  This review was written by Miriya and typed by me (I only made minor adjustments on punctuation/spelling).  All opinions are that of my daughter’s.  Please visit the “1st Grader’s Book Review” page for more reviews.



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  1. karubah / Mar 7 2011 2:07 PM

    Pretty good review. I would suggest that when you cover books in the future that have a mystery, such as who the thief was in this case, that you try to warn the readers beforehand. I bet they will appreciate being told early on that you are going to reveal a lot about the story.

    • mommylok / Mar 7 2011 2:09 PM

      Good point, I will let Miriya know!

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