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March 6, 2011 / mommylok

Pink Princess Rules the School (A 1st Grader’s Book Review)

Title:  Pink Princess Rules the School

Author:  Alyssa Crowne

The main idea is that Juliet had a birthday party.  She had princess invitations for the girls.  Juliet also had dragon invitations for the boys.  She invited girls first, the boys got mad.  Then she invited the boys last.  The lesson is that Juliet couldn’t wear the crown at school.  You can’t wear crowns at school because no toys allowed.  Juliet says every girl should wear pink.  I think the author is a girl and girls like pink.   

My favorite character is Juliet because she had a party.  My favorite part is when she invited the boys at the end.  Jonathan said her party last year was fun so Juliet changed her mind and invited the boys.   The story took place at school because Juliet is a student.   I didn’t like when Juliet didn’t invite the boys.  I wish she invited the boys and she did.  It was a happy ending.

I would tell my friends to read the book because it taught a lesson when you’re left out you’re not happy and you’re sad.  You shouldn’t just invite the girls or just the boys.  You should invite everybody so they’re not sad.

NOTE:  This review was written by Miriya and typed by me (I only made minor adjustments on punctuation/spelling).  All opinions are that of my daughter’s.  Please visit the “1st Grader’s Book Review” page for more reviews.



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  1. karubah / Mar 7 2011 2:16 PM

    Good job. Smart use of logic to figure out that the author is a woman. I would suggest writing more in future reviews about the characters’ thoughts and feelings.

  2. mommylok / Mar 7 2011 2:21 PM

    I will discuss that with my daughter. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Alexandra / Feb 23 2013 1:21 PM

    I think that was a really well done passage that you wrote have you made any others? Also thank you for the information that will help out a lot of people in life, like…………….ME! 🙂

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