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May 1, 2011 / mommylok

Highlights: Time to Play’s SPRING Showcase (hot new toys!)

Time to Play announced last Thursday their Spring 2011 Most Wanted list (AND I got to see the toys in person-so much fun!)  You can check out the list here, but I wanted to highlight some of the other featured toys from the Showcase, some of which will be released in conjunction with all the super hot new movies coming out this year.  I haven’t stopped thinking about what my husband and I want this year since the Spring Showcase event.  Oh wait, I mean what my husband and I want to buy our kids this year!

Here goes, in no particular order (I loved all these great toys almost equally!):

Dinosaur Train DINO POOP (Uncle Milton) – The topic of POOP always seems to come up with my son.  I’d ask him what he wants to eat for dinner.  Poop.  I’d ask, what is your favorite color.  Poop.  You get the picture.  When I saw this on display, I had to stop by and check it out.  Poop lovers, this is something you don’t want to miss!  But don’t worry parents, it’s not real poop.  It is a lump of clay (similar to PlayDoh) that little hands can mold (play with poop??  heck yes!) and dig their hands into.  And there’s also a bonus hidden surprise inside.  This retails for about $7.99 and is available in stores now.

Hello Kitty Big House (MEGA Brands)– This Mega Bloks set is so cute – great for all the little girls (and boys) who do not prefer the typical building sets.  The set features a buildable two-level home; it includes over 65 pieces and cute stickers to make it endless fun to customize Hello Kitty’s home! This retails for about $29.99 and is available in stores now.

No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket, Bubble Tumbler and Blastos! Bubble Twister (Little Kids) – I have yet to meet a kid who does not like bubbles.  But sometimes, they can be a parent’s nightmare (outdoor fun can turn into soapy, messy hassle!)  Little Kids’ new line of No-Spill Bubbles is a perfect solution – works great for the younger kids who cannot control themselves (you know, the ones who love to just dump the bubble liquid out of the bottle!)  I saw it for myself – turn, drop or knock the bottle down…and the solution stays inside the bottle!  The Bubble Tumbler holds 4 oz of solution; the Big Bubble Bucket holds up to 32 oz.  If you want a little extra excitement, check out their Blastos! Bubble Twister (includes 8 oz of Blastos! Bubble solution) – this will be sure to keep the little ones busy chasing bubbles everywhere.

Prime Time Toys Ltd. – Prime Time Toys has several brands that offer super fun products for the spring/summer, including a host of water/pool toys.  There are so many to talk about – so it’s best you just check out their website!  One thing I wanted to point out – they do carry foam swords that have a bright, colorful covering on it so it’s safer for the kids.  It’s still soft for safe sword play – but at the same time, it makes it much harder for little ones to eat.  It’s a highlight for me because we actually bought some “budget” foam toys for our boys a while back (swords, axes, etc.) and our youngest one attempted to eat them up (we found bits and pieces of foam all over!)

Chuggington Double Decker Roundhouse w/ Elevating Turntable and Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Train Sets (Learning Curve) – Did I just dare put Chuggington and Thomas together…in the same post?  Why yes, I did!  If Learning Curve can but both on the same table, then I can talk about both train sets in one paragraph!  Actually, these two brands need little introduction – I absolutely love them both.  These two quality train sets will entertain your little engineers for years and years…and years.

Captain America Disc Launching Shield (Hasbro) – This is one of the most exciting toys I saw (coming from a mom nerd who loves superheroes, as do her kids…and her super nerdy brother!)  There’s no better toy than the shield itself for superhero role-playing!  It fires miniature foam discs (it comes with 5) and has a diameter of 15 inches; it will retail for about $19.99.  Hasbro’s accompanying toy line will be available this spring and will also include the Hero Mask and Throwing Shield, along with various action figures.  Captain America: The First Avenger will storm the theaters in July!  If you are also a cool nerd like me, you’ll also appreciate Hasbro’s line of toys for Thor (coming to theaters this month!) – Lightning Hammer, Helmet, foam sword/shield/hammer and various action figures.  I’m so psyched for both the movies and the new toys!

Green Lantern (Mattel) – Speaking of superheroes and exciting new toys, check out some of Mattel’s HOT new Green Lantern toys below (you can’t see the GL Colossal Cannon Blaster in detail here, but you’ll want to check that one out!)  BUT you can see the Hot Wheels Green Lantern track set below! This was so much fun that my 2 year old had a meltdown when we had to go (SORRY!) Green Lantern will hit the theaters next month!

There were many more cool products on display during the Showcase from other awesome brands (including Fisher Price, Disney, Schleich, Lego, Miracle-Gro, Melissa & Doug), many of which featured toys for the new Cars 2 movie coming out this summer (Disney Cars fans – you’re in store for some good stuff!)  I unfortunately didn’t have time to stop by every table and have surely missed some great companies, but I’ve included some additional photos in my album from the tables I did get to visit.  For the toys that aren’t in stores yet, be on the close lookout in the next couple of months!



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  1. Nikki @ Mommy Factor / May 1 2011 7:09 PM

    I loved the bubble toys. I’m excited to get one, errr I mean get one for my son 🙂

    • mommylok / May 1 2011 9:38 PM

      Let’s be honest – the “no-spill” component really is for parents – so go ahead and enjoy! Just be sure to have some refill solution handy for your son 🙂

  2. Carolyn G / May 4 2011 12:21 PM

    SOmetimes seeing all these cool toys makes me wat kids but not really. I ust want to play with the cool toys!

  3. Maria A / May 4 2011 8:09 PM

    It was so exciting to see all the new toys. Makes you want to be a kid again. Great summary, I feel prepped for the Spring and Summer!

  4. nikiv / May 5 2011 3:59 PM

    can’t wait to take Nate to check out those cool new CA & GL toys. thanks for posting!

  5. Migdalia - @MsLatina / May 12 2011 4:16 PM

    I am loving some of these toys! I know my youngest (and yes my teen) would get a kick out of the Dinosaur Train DINO POOP (Uncle Milton). I like the Captain America Disc Launching Shield only because I’m a comic book fan and grew up reading him with my brothers LOL but I am sure my little one would love the Green Lantern toys!

    Whew this is going to be an expensive toy season!

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