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May 15, 2011 / mommylok

The Secrets of Droon (A 1st Grader’s Book Review)

The Secrets of Droon series by Tony Abbott has over 40 books in its entire collection.  My daughter has so far read books 1-7 (The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, Journey to the Volcano Palace, The Mysterious Island, City in the Clouds, The Great Ice Battle, The Sleeping Giant of Goll, Into the Land of the Lost) and has written a quick review based on these first few books.

The books I already read took place in Droon and in Eric’s basement.  Droon is a secret place.  Droon is an underworld.  The main characters are Eric, Neal and Julie.  The good guys are Neal, Julie, Eric, Keeah, Galen, Max, Queen Relna, King Zello, and Batamogi.  The evil guys are Lord Sparr and his Ninns.  Julie, Neal and Eric got to Droon by going in the closet in the basement and flicked the light off because Neal wasn’t afraid of the dark.  All of a sudden, it wasn’t dark anymore.  Magical stairs appeared.  The important thing in Droon is that the good guys have to get the Three Powers before Lord Sparr does because Lord Sparr is a bad evil guy.  The kids keep on going back every day because Keeah needs their help.  Lord Sparr is a sorcerer.  He has purple fins behind his ears.  One of the powers is the Red Eye of Dawn.  The Red Eye of Dawn shoots out stuff.  The other Power is the Golden Wasp.  It can control minds and change into stuff.  My favorite adventure is the great ice battle because Eric kept on shooting Ninns with snowballs.  It was so funny.  The Ninns were like Stoooooooop!  The scary part was when the dragon almost fired the good guys.  The funniest character is Eric.  I think the third Power will be sting jelly.  It could sting anyone who touches it.


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  1. Carolyn G / May 16 2011 6:38 PM

    i don’t have kids but i love reading reviews so i know what to buy my friends kids

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