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June 19, 2011 / mommylok

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

As parents and children gear up for the end of school, one of the moms in my son’s Pre-K class and I decided that we should work on getting year-end appreciation gifts for the school’s Pre-K teachers.  After a little brainstorming, we opted for something a little more non-traditional to go along with the very typical gift cards.

With the help of Dawn, owner of A Little Piece of My Art, we decided on the below tokens of appreciation for the school’s Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers and their assistant teachers.  The Principal’s necklace included, “Inspire”, “Teach”, “Dream” and “PK Class ’11”.  These words seem quite fitting, don’t you think?  We get to present these tomorrow after the Pre-K “Moving-Up Ceremony”.  I am so anxious to see my son perform tomorrow.  I love, love, LOVE watching the younger kids sing and dance their hearts out!  It’s going to be a bit sad, knowing that “moving-up” means graduating and that my son will actually start Kindergarten in just a couple months.  Sigh.





I also wanted to share an idea that came to me (a little too late for this year) that I am going to work on for next year, something I think would be a perfect appreciation gift  for any teacher.  Hopefully throughout the year, I’ll be able to take a few memorable shots of the students during various events.  I’m also going to ask each parent to have their child, on a 5×7 piece of paper, complete the following: “I love my teacher because…” and highlight it with the child’s artwork.  If all goes well, I would incorporate both the photos and children’s postcards into a very memorable book for the teacher.  Wish me luck – I’m usually not so good with these sorts of projects!

What kinds of gifts have you given your children’s teachers?  Have you come across any other gift ideas that you can share?


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  1. Bicultural Mama / Jun 20 2011 8:25 PM

    Wow, those are great gifts that I’m sure all the recipients will love. Very unique and customized. I’ll have to remember to give teachers gifts once my DD starts school – when we were growing up no one did that, but everywhere is different and it seems like a good idea!

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