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June 24, 2011 / mommylok

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (A 1st Grader’s Book Review)

This will be the last book review from my 1st grader because as of 2 more days, she’ll be turning into a 2nd grader!  She’s had such a busy year with school that we couldn’t focus so much on this project during the school year.  But now that school is ending next week, I hope to be posting more reviews over the summer as my daughter already has a whole line of books on her list to read.

M has read the first 7 books of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series by Carolyn Keene so far and wrote up a list of facts that she thought was most important:

  • Nancy’s cousins are Bess and George; they help Nancy solve mysteries
  • Nancy doesn’t find the mystery, something has to go wrong
  • Nancy’s friends’ names are Deirdre, Madison, Andrea, Nadine, Gregory, Michael, Marcy, Autumn and Trina
  • Nancy solves all kinds of mysteries
  • Nancy’s favorite color is purple
  • Her friends, even Bess and George, go to the same school and same class
  • Nancy, Bess and George act like detectives and call themselves the Clue Crew (but they don’t have magnifying glasses)
  • They called themselves the Clue Crew when they had their very first mystery
  • On their first mystery, a doll named Hollywood Heather goes missing
  • Nancy Drew finds very important clues
  • On Nancy’s 2nd mystery, Nancy, George and Bess found out who took the chocolate ice cream
  • In all of the mysteries, somebody either steals something or something disappears
  • Nancy has a bad habit of bumping into stuff, getting cuts and getting bruises
  • My favorite mystery so far is the first one (Sleepover Sleuths) because if I was Nancy Drew, I would find the mystery in 1-2 minutes because the answer to the mystery was inside one of the bags.  The mystery was that Deirdre’s doll was missing.

If you have any questions about any of the books in the series, please leave a comment and my daughter will reply to the best of her ability!


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  1. Bicultural Mama / Jun 24 2011 1:29 PM

    Great review, very thorough! I read the entire Nancy Drew series when I was growing up. Nice to know another generation is reading those books.

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