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July 1, 2011 / mommylok

April Fool’s Day (a 2nd Grader’s Book Review)

It’s official – my daughter is no longer a 1st grader!  She’s still continuing to read every day and we hope to post more reviews over the summer.  This will be the first of her reviews for summer vacation!  By the way, my daughter does ask me how many views and comments she gets (that’s her inspiration to keep writing!), so please ask and share away!

Title:  Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew-April Fool’s Day

Author:  Carolyn Keene

In the book April Fool’s Day, a My-Fone and Gamer Girl goes missing!  Nancy Drew, Bess and George knew that Katie took them.  The trophy was missing, too.  Katie washes her hands with the white soap that make her hands turn red.  April put the soap in the bathroom as a April Fool’s Day joke.  Katie’s fingerprints were on the backpack, they were red.  Bess solved the mystery because when she washed her hands with the soap, she looked at her hands and they were red.  That’s how they found out Katie took the My-Fone and Gamer Girl.  She took them because she thought Miranda and Heidi should have been nice again.  The My-Fone and Gamer Girl were fake.

My friends should read the book because it’s funny.  Everyone said Ewwww! when they saw the kitty-poop shaped snacks.  The funny part was also when Miranda and Heidi squirted water at Katie because it was a joke.  I didn’t like when Liam and Luke – April’s brothers – stole the trophy because it’s gold and gold is my favorite color.  The part that was nice is that when Sydney gave April presents.  April said, “it’s not even my birthday yet.” But Sydney said, “I’m sorry for the fight we had last week.”  I liked this because it was nice and I like nice things.

NOTE:  This review was written by my daughter and typed by me (I only made minor adjustments on punctuation/spelling).  All opinions are that of my daughter’s.



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  1. Nikki @ Mommy Factor / Jul 1 2011 10:36 AM

    congrats to your daughter for moving up

  2. mommylok / Jul 1 2011 10:51 AM

    Thank you 🙂 2nd grade just doesn’t feel like a little kid anymore…I need to brace myself for her growing up!

  3. Bicultural Mama / Jul 2 2011 12:25 AM

    Great 2nd grade book review. She’s such an avid reader!

  4. DARCY LOVER / Jan 6 2012 7:12 PM

    2nd grade girl is growing up!

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