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July 12, 2011 / mommylok

An Ultimate Play Date with The Ohmies

This past Saturday was a treat for me; my husband took my 4-year-old son to the Yankees game and my mom watched my youngest so I was free to have a girls’ day out with my daughter (on the right) and her BFF.

I took the girls to see a movie, we went shopping (ok, well – window shopping!), and then we were off to have an ultimate play date with The Ohmies at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater in NYC!

The Peter Jay Sharp Theater is a very small, intimate theater.  There are 6 rows of seats and large, antimicrobial mats in front of the stage where the kids get to hang out.  Before The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden started, Ohm Team Members were engaging the children with imaginative play and stretching exercises.  It was somewhat relaxing and it really helped set the mood for the rest of the show.  My daughter’s BFF is extremely shy and even told me before the show that she did not want to dance or sing.  The pre-show activities helped ease her in because she had no problem participating for the remainder of the show!

The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden is geared for children 3-8 years old; some of the interesting sounds and music (there was some echoing) that start off the show may scare younger kids so I would stick with the recommended age.

Once the show got on its way, however, everything came alive and you could feel a new level of energy emerging from the audience.  The show runs for about 55 minutes which is just about right to keep the kids entertained without them losing their attention.

The Story

The Ohmies need Mr. Sun in order to grow their Wish Garden.  Mrs. Moon helps The Ohmies by mapping out their path to get to Mr. Sun.  Along the way, The Ohmies, together with the children, get to flutter like butterflies, hop like grasshoppers, wag tails and howl like dogs and slither like snakes.  Bella Butterfly and her brother Carlin Caterpillar encounter new adventure and friends during each stop in their path to Mr. Sun.  Also, throughout the show, The Worries make an appearance whenever Bella, Carlin and friends feel any bit of anxiety.  But in the end, everyone works with each other by singing, dancing and laughing to shake “The Worries” away with the “shake them off” shuffle!

On every adventure, Bella and Carlin gain skills central to preschoolers, learning about themselves and the world around them. These skills will focus on helping preschoolers to develop positive skills for health and well-being.

The most impressive part I thought, was that throughout the show, 3 Ohm Team Members sat with the kids and would explain what’s going on and ask the kids questions (e.g. do you know what that instrument is?), interacting and teaching during the entire show.

After the show ended, I asked my daughter on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, how many stars would she give it?  She thought for a second and then said 5.  1 star each for being funny, silly, dancy, giggly and pretty.

So, was it really an ultimate play date you ask?  I’d say so!   This is not just a regular performance; the Ohmies bring real adventure together with stretching, singing and pure fun for the kids.

I really hope I can visit OHMland again, but this time with my other 2 children!  They love making new best friends!

For more information on The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden or to purchase tickets, please visit The Ohmies’ website.  Tickets are $35 and the show will be playing at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater (416 West 42nd Street, NYC) until September 25.

Disclosure:  I received tickets to attend the show; no other compensation was received for this post.   All opinions expressed are my own.



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  1. Nikki @ Mommy Factor / Jul 12 2011 4:39 PM

    So glad you had a chance to attend the show. Wasn’t it just fun!

    • mommylok / Jul 12 2011 4:59 PM

      Me, too! Everyone had a great time 🙂

  2. Bicultural Mama / Jul 12 2011 9:44 PM

    What a fun time with your daughter! Looks like a great kids show.

  3. Asianmommy / Jul 14 2011 9:15 PM

    Looks like a fun show. How nice to have a day out with the girls.


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