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July 13, 2011 / mommylok

My sister is having a Baby Bunny!

From my sister…who is 25 week along her pregnancy.  By the way, I typically would disagree with her on just about anything, but she is actually right about me (referring to the last 2 sentences!)
My chinese family consistently reminds me that our baby boy will be born in the chinese zodiac sign of the year of the rabbit.  This is supposed to be a lucky year to have a baby.  Our baby will be born calm, lucky, creative, and gentle.  My sister was born in the year of the rabbit and she did always seem much calmer than my brother and I.  Let’s hope this is true with our baby boy and he sleeps through the night and has calm and gentle cries!  I can dream, right?  The year of the rabbit also says that they are stylish and fashionable.  Hmmm, not so true with my sister.  She hated and still hates shopping for clothes!
I can’t wait to meet our Bunny Baby Boy!


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  1. Michelle / Jul 13 2011 6:09 PM

    I just read that it’s a ‘special’ year of the Rabbit, called The Golden Year of the Rabbit. Even luckier!

  2. Bicultural Mama / Jul 14 2011 12:09 AM

    Too funny what your sister says about your fashion sense…guess that’s what sisters are for, to give honest opinions – at least that’s what my sister does!

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