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September 2, 2011 / mommylok

Family Trumps All

Do you ever find yourself having trouble committing to that “submit” button when making a major online purchase?  Most of the time I don’t, but Tuesday night was an exception.  It wasn’t just about the hefty bill this time, it was the fact that I was making non-refundable airline reservations, pulling my kids out of school for a few days and committing to taking my 3 children (all under 6 yrs old) on a plane – by myself.  When I was ready to finalize the plans, I just stared at the screen. Stared and stared.  Eventually I submitted my payment, but I think I added 10 years to my life with all the stress worrying about everything that could go not-so-smoothly.

My father and baby sister both live in Las Vegas.  My sister, Michelle, is having a baby – she’s due in less than 2 months.  Considering that it’s been a shameful 3 years since I’ve seen my dad and I’m gaining a precious new nephew soon, I knew that I have to make the time and effort to go visit them.  Family is most important, right?  I hate that my father lives so far away that it’s extremely difficult for us to visit each other, but he deserves to spend as much time with his grandkids as he can.  The kids can make up school work but we cannot make up for lost time with family (though it doesn’t make me feel better taking them out of school).

The part that I am worrying about most is traveling with my 3 kids; I only have 2 legs and 2 arms – they outnumber me (never a good thing!)  But now that I am committed to go, I should probably focus on ways that I can make this trip work for me  – thinking positive is the way to go, right?  I haven’t figured out where to start yet so I am asking for help – advice, suggestions, support – anything you got, I’ll take!  The trip is in November, so I have a couple months to tell myself that with your help, I can do it!



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  1. Asianmommy / Sep 2 2011 12:17 PM

    Good luck! Make sure you have lots of snacks & books & toys available. Something to eat/drink during take-off & landing helps with the pressure in the ears.

    • mommylok / Sep 3 2011 12:33 AM

      Thanks for the advice about landing and take-off – this will be helpful!

  2. Bicultural Mama / Sep 2 2011 4:17 PM

    Ask your eldest to help out and watch #2. The portable DVD player worked wonders – seriously a life saver. Kept my DD in her seat without complaining.

    • mommylok / Sep 3 2011 12:34 AM

      Luckily we are flying Jet Blue – so each child will have his/her own tv screen! I’m hoping between that and snacks, we’ll be good for a few hours!

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