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December 16, 2011 / mommylok

Product Feature: Baby Magic Gentle Eczema Balm

Photo courtesy of Baby Magic

Being a mom with 2 young children who suffer from moderate to severe eczema, when I first learned about Baby Magic’s Gentle Eczema Balm from The Mommy Factor, I was intrigued and had to investigate further.  We’ve not-so-successfully tried SEVERAL known brands of creams, ointments, and medicines – all claiming to be relief for children with eczema.  While I understand that every child is different and each one will react differently to each of the various products, my children seemed to be resistant to almost every product we’ve tried.  Keeping their skin moisturized and itch-free has been a huge challenge for nearly 7 years now.

My daughter, 7 years old, loves being my guinea pig.  Since she’s older (her eczema has slightly improved over the years), I wanted to try the Gentle Eczema Balm on her first.  The Balm is enriched with vitamins, aloe, oatmeal and shea butter.  It features a stick application (love this feature!) to easily target problem areas, as well as a wonderful baby scent that’s characteristic of the Baby Magic products.  My daughter’s first reaction?  Giggling, she said “Mommy, I feel like I’m rubbing glue all over me!” Don’t get me wrong, it feels nothing like glue (the Balm goes on smoothly and not sticky), she just had fun using it.  On my daughter, it seems to temporarily relieve her itchiness, but she does find herself reapplying quite often.  My  2 year old son, however, didn’t seem to find the same relief upon use (though it didn’t stop him from trying) and actually seemed to get a little itchier.  I do want to point out that the Balm does contain “fragrance” in the ingredients so if your child has sensitive skin (similar to my son), please use with caution.  Right now, it’s cold and dry in New York, so the environment factors into how they’ll react to any product.  Perhaps when the weather isn’t so extreme, my son will react a little more positively to the Balm.

Baby Magic’s Gentle Eczema Balm is offered in a smaller 0.5 oz container which makes it portable and super convenient for travel and being on-the-go.  However, if you find yourself liking this product, you might need to stock up on a few when you’re at the store as you’ll probably go through each stick pretty quickly.  The Gentle Eczema Balm will be available in Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores nationwide beginning in January 2012.

In addition to the Gentle Eczema Balm, Baby Magic also announced the addition of 3 new items to their already established product line:  No-Rinse Wash, Kids Magic Bubble Bath, and Medicated Patty Cake.  These new products range in price from $3.99-$6.99.  Produced in the U.S., Baby Magic products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and gluten-free.  For more information about the Baby Magic product line and where their products can be purchased, please visit


Baby Magic is a family-owned brand focused solely on baby care. Their history of providing gentle, effective, and no-nonsense products has made it a trusted brand for generations.  Since 1951, the Baby Magic brand has been dedicated to the care and well-being of both parent and baby.  We understand that the gentle touching and caressing that occurs during bath time serves not only to clean baby, but to establish a bond between parent and child.  Continue to enhance and nurture this bond with Baby Magic as it replenishes moisture and provides a delicate, soft touch and clean scent – leaving baby smelling wonderful – as a baby should.  Baby Magic can be found in retailers across the U.S., as well as in select online retailers.

Disclosure:  I received the Baby Magic Gentle Eczema Balm for review purposes only; no other compensation was received for this post.   All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Bicultural Mama / Dec 17 2011 9:42 AM

    Nice balanced article, good information!

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