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December 28, 2011 / glass5

Product Feature: PetCakes

Written by “Laura Glass” – guest contributor and soon-to-be mother of three

I brought two PetCakes home for my 20 month old and 4 year old and they were psyched to see the bright colorful oversized cupcakes and even more thrilled to find a cute cuddly friend hiding inside.  The little pets hiding under the cake frosting are adorable and got immediate hugs from my two kids.  My four year old son then asked what they do and when he realized they were a collectable plush toy he passed it off to his sister and never looked back.  So 4 year old boys are probably not the target audience!  My 20 month old though was enamored and spent quite a while hiding her two new pets in their cakes and opening them.  “Roco Coco” the raccoon has been a favorite friend lately.  I think my daughter would be excited to see Roco Coco on some other merchandise.  These pets are a cute concept I’d definitely recommend them for children that are into little pets and collectables.  Very cute!

For more information about PetCakes, please visit

Disclosure:  I received PetCakes toys for review purposes only; no other compensation was received for this post.   All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. biculturalmama / Dec 28 2011 7:51 PM

    These look cute, great review!

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