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March 17, 2012 / mommylok

A 2nd Grader’s Book Review: Matilda

Matilda was a very smart girl.  Her teacher, Miss Honey, was very nice.  I liked this book because Matilda is smart and I’m smart.  Matilda loves to read books and I just can’t stop reading!  I love reading.  I’m falling in love with it.  I watched the movie and I read the book.  I liked the movie better because it looked real.  I thought it really was.  The book had no color but the illustrations are nice.  My favorite part of the book was when Matilda was invited to Miss Honey’s house.  She had cookies.  I’d like to do that, too!  The part I didn’t like was when the principal found out that Bruce Bogtrotter ate his snack.  Mrs. Trunchbull, the principal, punished him.  The punishment was that Bruce had to eat 3 chocolate cakes.  He’ll get sick!  If I was Bruce, I’d be dead by now.

The main idea of this story was that Matilda’s parents were mean.  They wanted her to watch more TV and read fewer books.  I think you are supposed to read more because when you read, you get smarter.  At home, Matilda kept reading but her parents kept on telling her to watch TV.  Matilda learned a lot from school and reading.  Matilda ended up living with Miss Honey.  The story ended happily ever after.

NOTE:  This review was written by my 2nd grader daughter and typed by me (I only made minor adjustments on punctuation/spelling).  All opinions are that of my daughter’s.


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  1. Maria Wen Adcock (@BiculturalMama) / Mar 18 2012 4:08 PM

    I loved reading Ronald Dahl when I was a kid. Great review, especially for a second grader. 🙂

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