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January 12, 2013 / mommylok

Product Feature: Quick Adjust Suspension Cross Trainer

When I was approached to do a feature on some home fitness gear, I jumped at the opportunity.  My thoughts at the time were, a new year-a new me…I can do this!  Yeah, right.  What was I thinking?  I haven’t been inside a gym since my kickboxing days pre-kids (8+ years ago!)  But now that I’ve received my sample, there’s no turning back.  I must do this!


Sportline’s Quick Adjust Suspension Cross Trainer allows you to target every major muscle group for the upper and lower body.  You can modify exercise intensity by quickly adjusting the rope length with innovative Lock-n Load Quick Adjust Pods.  A foot cradle adds a dynamic element to your workout with static and sliding actions so you can change lower body  exercises quickly and easily.  By customizing the rope length you can also change intensity levels and move from one exercise to the next to improve your athletic performance and agility while burning calories and improving your cardiovascular fitness.  The system includes two Quick Adjust pods with suspension rope, a door  anchor, two handles, two foot straps, a foot cradle and an instructional DVD.  The system mounts to standard doors without screws or drilling, so you can  easily set up, store and travel with this quality home gym unit.

In addition to the DVD and equipment, there is also a printed workout guide.  I like this because I actually don’t have an ideal set-up where I can watch the DVD at the same time as I use the Cross Trainer.  I can hang this up on a nearby wall and have a constant reminder of what I should be doing…what I need to be doing!  The equipment doesn’t take up that much space and you’ll always have the convenience to workout in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.  Available through Sportline’s website, the Cross Trainer retails for $59.99 – a very reasonable investment if you ask me.

Sportline Chart


At Sportline, this one idea has driven our growth over the last twenty years.  Every day, there are opportunities to improve our fitness and overall wellness.  That’s why, every step of the way, founders Larry Livingston and Don McClelland kept a vision of simple, performance-rich products that provide unsurpassed accuracy but also fit into your daily lifestyle.  From our start as a small specialty sport timing brand to our current position as a global leader in fitness monitoring instruments, Sportline has provided you with the tools that help you stay motivated and informed in your personal efforts to join the movement.

Disclosure:  I received a sample for review purposes only; no other compensation was received for this post.   All opinions expressed are my own.



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  1. biculturalmama / Jan 13 2013 8:28 PM

    This looks like it’s easy to use and convenient in terms of set up. It’s also ideal for New Year’s resolutions when it comes to getting healthy!

  2. Tiffanie / May 11 2013 9:28 AM

    I like the ease on ability to set it up almost anywhere, Now 5 months into the testing how is it going ?

  3. mommylok / May 11 2013 9:10 PM

    I’ve used it a couple times but am embarrassed to say that since I started a new job a few months back, I stopped. Things are easing up a bit so I hope to start a routine soon!

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