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June 10, 2013 / mommylok

Lazoo’s Magic Stickers! Fosters Your Child’s Imagination

Image courtesy of Lazoo

Lazoo recently released Magic Stickers!, an adorable, interactive stickering app that is available for the iPhone and iPad.  This app is available for purchase and download on iTunes for $1.99, a great value given all the wonderful features!

With Magic Stickers!, kids can create their own stickers and watch them “magically” come alive in each scene.  Place the stickers wherever you want and make as many original stickers as you wish.  This app features:

• 8 pages of animated backgrounds, featuring Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art
• 50+ magic animated stickers
• Revolutionary sticker-maker tool allows kids to draw and design stickers
• Gesture-protected Parent’s section
• Daily Lazoo craft feed
• Free animated short featuring Lazoo characters
• Japanese translation mode

Magic Stickers! is based on Lazoo’s “Hands On! Mind On!” curriculum, developed in conjunction with top educational experts.  Lazoo’s curriculum is designed to support and celebrate creativity and creative thinking.  There is also an accompanying book that your children may enjoy, Incredible Stickers!  Having the book and app allows your children to have both the digital and physical experience.

I asked my daughter to review this app and this is what she had to say:

“I think people should play and download Magic Stickers!  It is easy to play.  I think the app is good for 1-3 year old children because I’m an 8 year old girl and when you eventually get older, you start to think it’s not as fun.  When you start the Magic Stickers! app, it asks you questions.  For example, ‘Is this a bread roll or a bus?’  Then after you answer the question, you can decorate the picture.  In the bottom right corner, you see all the drawing choices in a box.  If you click on that you’ll get to draw whatever you prefer.  I prefer 1-3 year olds to play this because they’ll have more fun.  It’s cute to see the pictures come alive.”

I also love that kids are free to use their imagination.  With such vibrant use of colors, this app definitely captures the child’s attention and fosters their creativity.  You can also save all the fun artwork your child created to your device’s camera roll.  I would definitely recommend it!

Lazoo is a quality-conscious lifestyle children’s brand and media property emphasizing award-winning design, creativity, and play. Inspired by an internationally best-selling series of Japanese children’s books, Lazoo products embody the same core mission: to foster a child’s creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination.

 Lazoo Apps

1.  Build divergent thinking skills;
2.  Foster problem solving skills including implementing, evaluating, communicating and revising creative ideas;
3.  Assist the child in becoming comfortable with uncertainty;
4.  Encourage a resilient approach to play, creative thinking and creative problem solving so that a child learns to persist;
5.  Support the kind of appropriate risk taking in play and thinking that inspires creativity; and,
6.  Encourage an interest in, and openness to, emotion in both play and thinking.

Disclosure:  I received this app to test for review purposes; no other compensation was received for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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