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Sisterly Love

BABY, See you in 40 weeks!
Hi, my name is Michelle and I am pregnant with my first child, and I’m also Vida’s (mommylok) little sister!  I work full-time as a designer in Las Vegas.  My boyfriend and I are super excited to welcome our first baby to the world in October!


I am 15 weeks along and am wondering when that 2nd trimester energy is supposed to come back to me. I was very lucky during the 1st trimester in that I didn’t have any ‘morning’ sickness, just a bit of nausea, but I was extremely tired. I would be talking to my boyfriend and he would say, ‘Uh oh, where’s a pillow, you’re out in 1 minute!’ He could see it in my eyes…I literally would fall asleep in mid-sentence and that is no exaggeration. Being pregnant has given me the best sleep of my life! I can definitely tell that I have more energy lately, but my tiredness comes in waves. Some days I can go to work, come home, cook, clean and go to bed at a normal time, but other days I can go to work (leave early), come home and sleep! 2nd trimester energy, hurry up and get here, I’m tired of being tired!


Today I am 15 weeks and 5 days and here is a pic of my little baby bump. I don’t really feel like it is a baby bump, more like my stomach fat being pushed up by the growing baby!

Before I was pregnant I never understood why pregnant women would claim they have ‘pregnancy brain’ or say that pregnancy has made them more stupid, I assumed it was an excuse. Well, I was wrong! There is such a thing and it is true! I apologize to all the pregnant women I have rolled my eyes in disbelief to (I’m particularly thinking of a client I had last year who we all made fun of because she would always blame her ranting emails asking the same questions over and over again on pregnancy). I could list all of the forgetful things I have done at work since I’ve been pregnant, but the best example was what I did at home the other day. I was having a bowl of cereal and then went to grab a piece of fruit out of the fridge and I saw that I had put the cereal in the fridge. I laughed at myself and put the cereal in the correct spot in the pantry and saw that I had put the milk in the pantry. I laughed again and grabbed the milk to put back in the fridge only to put it back in the pantry because I saw a cookie I wanted to eat. Twenty minutes later after I ate all of the above, I was cleaning the kitchen and I realized I never put the milk back into the fridge (I finally put the milk back in the fridge!). This is when I realized that pregnancy was making me lose my mind!


I am 17 weeks now! Next week we get to find out the gender of our little one, we are so excited. I get asked almost daily what I ‘feel’ like I’m having. At the beginning of this pregnancy I really felt like I was having a girl. I don’t know why, but it just felt like a girl. I also heard some wives tales saying that if you got a lot of acne that meant you were having a girl because she was taking her mother’s beauty away or if you craved sweets rather than sours, then you would be having a girl. I had all of these symptoms…but in the past couple of weeks these symptoms have subdued and for some reason I’m feeling like I’m having a boy. Most of my friends who’ve had babies were almost always correct in the gender they were ‘feeling’ during pregnancy. It always seemed crazy to me that they could ‘feel’ what gender they were having, but now I can see why!

For any moms out there, were your intuition on your baby’s gender correct? What silly wives tales have you heard and did any of them turn out to work for you?


It’s a boy!

We received wonderful news this week that we will be having a baby boy. He even elegantly posed with his legs spread wide open to show us the goods! We were so ecstatic of the news only to receive a voicemail 2 hours later from our doctor, ‘Hi Michelle, we found a little spot on the baby’s heart. Please call us first thing tomorrow morning and schedule an appointment to see the high risk specialist. Have a good night.’

Whhhaaaat??!?! I called him back right after receiving the message and of course, the office was closed. So then came the night full of fear and worry. I started googling and the only info I could find is that the small spot could be a soft marker for downs syndrome. This baby hasn’t even been born yet and already we are so worried about our baby being able to have a ‘normal’ chance at life.

I called my doctor’s office first thing in the morning and was luckily able to schedule an appointment the following morning (another full day and night of worry). The nurse at my doc’s office told me the specialist would be doing an ultrasound II test, more detailed and looking closely at the baby’s heart. We finally made it into the specialist’s ultrasound room and were greeted by the tech. First thing she asked was, ‘What did your doctor tell you?’. We went on to tell her the brief message we received and she started apologizing for my doctor and saying how this spot was a small calcium deposit and lots of babies have them, it’s just that the baby’s heart is so small right now, the size of the tip of your pinky finger, that a small calcium spot looks huge when really in a couple weeks it will no longer be noticeable. This spot was most likely nothing to worry about at all, we just need to check on all the baby’s measurements more closely to make sure he is growing proplerly. Phewww! What a relief!

We then were able to see our baby for a good 30 minutes. When the tech went to look at his ‘goods’ he was holding them with his hand! Ha ha, that was hilarious! The doctor came in to take a look as well and he also apologized for my doctor’s message and told us that it is so common in asian women to have these calcium spots on their babies heart that it was honestly nothing at all to worry about. All of our boy’s measurements were perfect and he is even growing a little larger than our expected due date which is great!

So our rollercoaster weekend of emotions finally ended where it began…Happy!! We are having a healthy baby boy!


Resting up, so I didn’t have much to say this week!


First Kicks!

I finally am able to distinguish between our baby boy’s kicks and stomach rumblings (aka gas!). I was wondering when I would be able to start feeling my baby’s kicks since most people start to feel them around 18-20 weeks, I am almost 20. Another mommy on a pregnancy board, which I spend way too much time reading everyday, suggested laying on your back and putting a cell phone or remote control just under your belly button and it will suddenly move from the baby’s kick. I thought there was no way I would see the kick before I felt it. Well it worked! Turns out what I thought was my stomach rumblings have been kicks this whole time. A first time mommy discovery! It is the wierdest, coolest, comforting feeling in the world!


Halfway there!




My First Shower


No post for this week; mommy-to-be is resting!


My sister is having a Baby Bunny!


Am I due yet??


Creepy or cute?


33 weeks


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  1. Nikki @ Mommy Factor / May 6 2011 8:20 PM

    Welcome to blogging and motherhood 🙂 Look forward to reading your posts

  2. Michelle / May 6 2011 9:09 PM

    Thank you Nikki!

  3. Migdalia - @MsLatina / May 9 2011 6:53 PM

    Well I hate to say it but right after the baby you will feel like you’re going through the 1st Trimester all over again! I still blame my forgetfulness on my kids and I have a tween and teen 😉

    But in the end it’s all worth it – just ask Vida!

  4. Shoe / May 9 2011 9:17 PM

    Gross! Baby bump! (just kidding, sis!)

  5. Pauline / May 18 2011 5:07 PM

    Hi. I’m a friend of Vida’s and she mentioned you were expecting and wanted to know about other mothers’ intuitions regarding whether they were having a boy or a girl. With my first son, I didn’t have an idea until around 20 weeks. The night before our 20 week scan, my husband and I were getting ready to go to sleep and I thought, “I’m in bed with my two favorite boys.” I didn’t want to find out the baby’s sex until that night. I always thought I would have a boy and a girl, so when I became pregnant with our second child, I assumed I was having a girl. But, somehow, I had a sense that we were having another boy. I actually bought pink socks, but it almost felt like I was forcing myself to buy pink socks. We had another beautiful little boy. Best wishes on your pregnancy!

  6. Michelle / May 18 2011 6:35 PM

    Thank you for your response Pauline! So I guess your intuitions were right on 🙂

  7. Christina / Jun 6 2011 2:38 PM

    Haha, hilarious about how your little boy seems so very…into being a boy 😉 And Shoe’s completely wrong – very cute baby bump!

  8. Michelle / Jun 6 2011 3:40 PM

    Yes, Christina, my boy is already being a ‘boy’! I guess when Rich was a little boy his mom had to bring him inside from playing all the time because he would constantly play with his ‘boy parts’…like father like son!

    • Jessie / Jun 6 2011 4:59 PM

      Michelle! Loving the blog, and yes its true, Rich’s playing with his “boy parts” was constant – even when he was brushing his teeth! (I dont know how I remember that, I was so young then!)

  9. Deanna Gillert / Jun 6 2011 5:31 PM

    Michelle….What a cool thing you are doing with this blog!!!! I love it! So I am reading your blog and Alex walks through the door and I go to speak and burst into tears! Good, happy tears! I am not the pregnant one but hormones sure do permanately change anyway! I saw the picture of your belly and lost it. Remembering everything you are going through i did too and the amazing journey it is!!! Love you so much!

    • Michelle / Jun 6 2011 5:42 PM

      Aww, love you De! My bump is even bigger now, I’ll post a pic soon, but then again I get to see you in a couple weeks!

      You have to click on ‘Sleeping Adventures’ at the top and check out my sister’s kids, they are soo cute!

  10. Deanna Gillert / Jun 6 2011 5:33 PM

    OH AND my first baby kicks were both really early. Xander about 15 weeks or so and Jordan even earlier!

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