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December 15, 2013 / mommylok

Product Feature: Glitzi Globes – Party Fun!

Glitzi Globe

Written by M. Lok

I think that Glitzi Globes are a craft that most children would like to do.  They are fun, easy, and of course, glitzy!  When I first saw it on the TV commercial, I thought it was really cool.  My mom surprised me on my birthday party: she bought us Glitzi Globes!  I was so happy!  My friends and I tried it out right away.  It was a bit crowded, though, because we created our globes in a small area and we had 6 girls.  We loved our globes when we finished them!


My friends and I stuck the globes onto bases to form rings, necklaces, and watches. We had to work together. We managed to do it with teamwork. We had to put a glass container into a slot, then place 3 charms in the glass container. Then we had to fill it with water. We then put a glitter pellet inside the container. We put a colored base into the slot next to it. We placed an animal on top of the base. We closed the globe maker firmly. Finally, we opened it up, took the globe out, placed it on a watch, ring, or necklace, then wore it.  It was really easy.  It is a good party activity because everyone has something to do.

We were so happy! Every time we shook it, it became sparkly all over!

As you can see, that is why my friends and I love Glitzy Globes!!!


I received a Glitzi Globe Three Pack (retails for about $7.99) to review and needed to purchase additional packs so that there were enough for the girls to do as a craft at my daughter’s birthday party.  It was a hit – the girls were able to work together and share without any fuss and the biggest plus – there was barely any mess to clean up afterwards!  I also like the fact that everything you need is in one package (with exception of water!)  The 3-pack included enough materials to create 3 snow globes (domes, bases, glitter tablet, nine floating charms, and instructions).  No additional tools were necessary to assemble the globes.


Moose Toys, creators of popular arts & crafts products, introduces Glitzi Globes, a cute new product line that brings magic to children’s hands by creating mini, collectible snow globes.  Girls simply use the included materials to assemble each adorable miniature glittery globe that they can pop, swap, share and wear!  Glitzi Globes are available at various retailers, including Amazon, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart.


Disclosure: I received Glitzi Globes as a sample for review purposes; no other compensation was received for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. biculturalmama / Dec 20 2013 10:12 PM

    These look really cute. Great job with the review, M!

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