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Who is mommylok?  CEO, CFO, COO of my personal business – and by that I mean my family!  As impressive as my title may be, I make no claim to be a supermom!  I have 3 incredibly adorable kids (including the star writer of A 1st Grader’s Book Reviews) and one super lucky husband… Currently a Mom Ambassador for The Juno Company; my past life was spent at the NFL – Youth Football Programs, Events, and grant administration.  My biggest hobby right now?  Taking pictures of my youngest kid while he’s on his Sleeping Adventures!  OH and yes, I am PR-friendly!  E-mail me at mommy_lok at yahoo dot com.


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  1. Adam Alfandary (Little Pim) / Apr 7 2011 10:46 AM

    Hi, Onica at Mommy Factor contacted us to let us know you might be interested in Little Pim. Please shoot me an email at and we can discuss directly.




  1. SOMEONE managing Bedtime | Eczema Blues

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