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October 27, 2014 / mommylok

Fostering Imaginative Play with K’NEX Building Sets

K’NEX Model Building Set


Christmas came a little early for my kids when we received a package this weekend containing the K’NEX Model Building Set and Super Mario Layer Cake Desert Building Set.  I’ve always been a huge fan of any construction sets as it fosters my children’s creativity.  I’ve seen my boys build and design so many different types of vehicles and buildings, including an army of dinosaur planes.  You can’t get that with most other types of toys.  The K’NEX brand is new to them so this should bring their imaginative play to a whole new level!


Super Mario Layer Cake Desert Building Set


After seeing the contents of this box, my boys’ eyes lit up.  Here’s what the 7 year old had to say:

“I like the Mario K’NEX set because there is a power-up in the box.  I like power ups because they are special and make you stronger.  Also the power-up can beat up the Pokey that is weak.  There is Waddlewing that I think is so cute.”

He is excited to turn his video game experience into something real life and tangible.

“I also like the building set because you cannot just build 50 building ideas, you can build more than 70!  It also has 705 pieces.  I want to make a dinosaur plane, a dinosaur car, and a swordfish.  I like when you have to find the pieces.  If you are making a dinosaur car with your brother or your sister, race them!”

My son is right – even though the box comes with instructions containing 70 model ideas, the possibilities are endless!

The biggest reason why I’m such a fan?  It brings my 2 sons together, peacefully.  They are actually able to sit in a room together and build for hours…without arguing!  It helps them focus and truly challenges their inner creative souls.  I also want to add that even though I’m focusing on my sons here, these building sets are definitely awesome for any boy OR girl.  My sons just happened to steal the box away before their older sister was able to get her hands on it so I wasn’t able to get her opinion!  Since we just received these sets, I don’t have pictures of any completed projects yet but I’m very much looking forward to seeing their creations.

K’NEX Model Building Set Features:

  • Includes instructions/ideas for 70 unique models
  • 705 Pieces
  • Convenient storage treasure chest
  • Ages 7+
  • Made in the USA

K’NEX Super Mario Layer Cake Desert Building Set Features:

  • Includes instructions
  • 330 Pieces
  • Fire Mario and limited edition Pokey and Waddlewing figurines included
  • Ages 8+
  • Made in the USA

For more information about K’NEX and their extensive line of products, please visit their website at



Founded in 1992, K’NEX Brands was established to make and sell what has become one of the world’s leading integrated construction systems for children. Winner of over 250 international awards and recognitions, K’NEX is America’s Building Toy™ company focused on Building Worlds Kids Love™, and encourages youngsters to “imagine, build and play.” From the living room to the classroom, K’NEX has building toys specially designed for every age group and skill level. The K’NEX family of brands includes K’NEX Building Sets, K’NEX Thrill Rides, K’NEX Education: America’s STEM building solution, Lincoln Logs®, Tinkertoy®, NASCAR®, Angry Birds™, Mario Kart Wii™, Mario Kart 7™, Super Mario™, PacMan™ and more.

Disclosure: I received K’NEX toys as samples for review purposes only; no other compensation was received for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. biculturalmama / Oct 27 2014 1:18 PM

    Great review, love your son’s feedback. Seems like a really great toy that is also ideal for encouraging creativity!

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